Terms of Use

Advertising in Eye Tamil can be an effective and affordable marketing tool for businesses in targeting a clientele base and spreading the word about the business to a lot of people. In this regard, the general terms and conditions of use will be presented and will be combined with other legislation of the website. Prior to the visitors or the users, they will be requested to read these conditions carefully before they make use of the website.

In using the Eye Tamil website, users agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use as presented on the website from the very beginning of using it.

     Can Constitute a breach of legal provision or public order include the protection of minorities or minors and defamation;

     Is Degrading or Pornographic in Nature;

Creating an Account

The sections of the website are designed to be accessible to users who already have created their user accounts. These will allow them to benefit more from the services of Eye Tamil but they will first be required to provide specific information about their own selves. They must also choose a specific password and username to provide accurate, up-to-date and full information.

In addition, Eye Tamil reserves the right to withhold or suspend a user prior to the use of Eye Tamil that proves to be incomplete, not updated and inaccurate. Users are also instructed to be responsible in keeping their password private or confidential. They must also accept and acknowledge their account to be strictly personal. Communicating their password to 3rd parties is also prohibited.

Uses are also liable for any use of their passwords or usernames that they must inform Eye Tamil immediately after any unauthorized use of their passwords and usernames.