Eye Tamil Directory: Our Services


It might be a daunting task if you are to search for numbers of different businesses that are offering wide options of products and services. But, if there will be a help to you then the process could be a lot easier and faster as well. And that help could definitely come from Eye Tamil Directory. If you choose us to be your partner, there will be an assurance that you will not provide your possible customers with any hassle just to find you. With us, the right customer will definitely be with you.


Eye Tamil Directory is known due to our remarkable services which benefit everyone almost all over the world. If you consider joining us, there will be numbers of advantages or benefits that will be experienced. Every business that will choose to register to us will definitely be provided with the assurance that our listing is indeed ahead among others in the industry. Every aspect of the business will be included in our directory ensuring you that customers will easily find you.


To provide you with a more elaborated way on how we serve our business clients, consider our services:


· Gallery. There will be gallery wherein it will exhibit what you are offering. Through this, you will have the chance to showcase your business to everyone.


· Social Icons. These would include the social media sites that are supporting the business. Through this, the said business could be promoted through the use of the included social media sites.


· Description. Business name and address will be provided here.


· Web. This would include the informational site that is being operated by the said business or by other private enterprise like a non-profit organization or charity.


· Telephon. This will include the contact numbers of the business particularly if you are a delivery business.


· Comments. This will be the feedbacks that would come from the customers. It might include both positive and negative comments in order for the company to be aware with what is the stand of the customers to the business.


· Excerpt. There will be a short writing or a short extract from the item description writing.


· Expiration Limit. This would be the last day wherein the contract is valid.


· Opening Hours. This would serve as the time when a certain business is to open for people to avail the products and services.


· Header Type. This will be the one that would go in front.


· Yoast SEO. There will also be an assurance of best SEO practices as it will affect the visibility of the site.


· Email. This will be the business process wherein electronic email should only be used for business purposes.


· Address. There is a need to include the complete address of the business in order to be located easily by possible customers.


· Image. It would be appealing to have an image in your business site. And it will provide the perception to the customers.


· Content. There will be an assurance that content editing could be provided even editing your very own item. It will help in finding the site a lot easier.


And there are numbers of other things that should be included once you choose to register with us. Just provide us the needed information and we’ll make sure to offer you the assurance that customers could easily find you and be your customers as well. Only Eye Tamil Directory could do that.